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    2010       “Muse”, played guitar strings and painted screen (192” x 48”).  Commissioned by  Yavapai  

                    College Visual and Performing Arts Division and Clyde and Mercedes Tango



    2022  Inner Geographies:  Diane Gilbert, Carol Rawlings, Bonny Stauffer.  Yavapai College Art Gallery.  Prescott, AZ

    2021  Beauty Passing Through Us:  Natural History and Art as Intervention.  On-line group exhibition at the

                    Natural History Institute in support of the global art project, Extraction: Art on  the Edge of the Abyss.

    2021   Liminal.  On-line group exhibition at Verum Ultimum Art Gallery.  Portland, OR.

    2018   Lunar Garden.  Installation at the Tempe Post Office, Tempe, AZ

    2016   Slow Waltz in B:  An interactive installation.  Milagro Arts Center, Prescott, AZ

    2015-16   String Theory:  Contemporary Art and the Fiber Legacy.  Invitational. Tucson Museum of Art, Tucson, AZ

    2015     Chamber Music:  A mostly silent installation.  Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum,  Mesa, AZ

    2012     Conversations with Beauty:  Carol Rawlings, Diane Gilbert, Bonny Stauffer.  Prescott College Art Gallery at

                Sam Hill Warehouse, Prescott, AZ

    2009   5th Biennial Rose Mary Mack Memorial Art Auction.  Prescott College Art Gallery at Sam Hill Warehouse.  

                     Prescott, AZ.

    2008    Yavapai College Art Gallery Faculty Exhibition.  Prescott, AZ.

    2006    Where the Earth Meets the Sky:  Diane Gilbert, Janet Schultz, Aurore Chabot, Jason Hess. Yavapai College Art 

                     Gallery.  Prescott, AZ.

    2004    Sense and Essence II.  Four views:  Diane Gilbert, Glen Peterson, Carol Rawlings, Bonny Stauffer. Northern

                     Arizona University, Flagstaff, AZ

    2003    Intermountain Weavers Conference Board and Signature Show.  Prescott, AZ.  (People’s Choice Award)

    2003    Shuttles and Spindles IX.  Prescott Fine Arts Gallery, Prescott, AZ  (Handweavers‘ Guild of America Certificate

                     of Excellence and People’s Choice Award)

    2003    Fiber Directions 2003.  The Wichita Center for the Arts, Wichita, KS  (3rd Place)

    2002    Light Form Installations.  Suranadi Studio, Prescott, AZ

    2001     Fiber Directions 2001.  The Wichita Center for the Arts, Wichita, KS  

    1999      Sense and Essence:  Four views:  Diane Gilbert, Glen Peterson, Carol Rawlings, Bonny Stauffer.  

                     Yavapai College Art Gallery, Prescott, AZ

    1994     Four Fiber Artists:  Jeanne Bartholomeaux, Emily DuBois, Diane Gilbert, Jennifer Sargent. 

                     Pima College Art Gallery, Tucson, AZ

    1993     Fiber Celebrated ’93.  Nevada State Museum and Historical Society, Las Vegas, NV 

                     (Schacht Excellence in Weaving Award)

    1993     Paper/Fiber XVI.  The Arts Center, Iowa City, IA  (Handweavers’ Guild of America Merit Award)

    1993     Fiber Now 1993.  Downey Museum of Art, Downey, CA

    1992     It’s Elemental:  Wood, Fiber, Clay, Glass & Metal.  Coconino Center for the Arts, Flagstaff, AZ 

                     (Best of Category & Special Award of Excellence)

    1992     Shuttles and Spindles IV.  Yavapai College Art Gallery, Prescott, AZ (Best of Show)

    1991     Tempe Arts Center and Sculpture Garden, Tempe, AZ

    1991     Yavapai College Art Gallery Faculty Exhibition, Prescott, AZ

    1989-91   Arizona Commission on the Arts Traveling Exhibition

    1989    Coconino Center for the Arts, Flagstaff, AZ

    1987     Fiber Celebrated ’87.  Northern Arizona University Art Gallery, Flagstaff, AZ

    1985     Highline Community College Art Gallery, Midway, WA

    1985     Seastar Gallery, Bigfork, MT

    1983     Edmonds Arts Festival, Edmonds, WA (1st place)

    1982     From the Weaver’s Hand.  Museum of History and Industry, Seattle, WA





    Emily and Peter Kohl.  Prescott, AZ

    David and Marcella Hirschy.  Prescott, AZ

    ATEX Corporation,  Redmond, WA

    David Shaner,  Bigfork, MT.

    Joel Greene and Jean Mandenberg,  Olympia, WA

    Michael Jackson and Peggy McLeod,  Seattle, WA

    Joyce and Michael Johnson,  Seattle, WA

    Carol and Donn Rawlings,  Prescott, AZ

    Cathy and Dave LeVine, Prescott, AZ

    Amy and Alan Snyder, Prescott, AZ

    Sybil and Shelby Yastrow, Scottsdale, AZ

    Barbara and Leonard Salonsky, Prescott, AZ

    Naomi Lyons and Jeremy Cox, Prescott, AZ

    Jan Marshall and Joe McShane, Prescott, AZ

    Frederick C. Weiland, The Netherlands

    Lee and Mike Cohn, Phoenix, AZ

    Jane Ruth and Tim Hansen, Longmont, CO

    Linda Saperstein, Scottsdale, AZ

    Ann Graham, Mesa, AZ

    Margit and Juergen Sattler, Carefree, AZ

    Anita Miller, Prescott, AZ




    5ences Magazine:  Culture, Science, Ideas.  April 2022.  “Weaving Lines of Life:  The Textured, Musical Environments

        of Diane Gilbert” by Abby Brill.  Cover:  Installation by Diane Gilbert

     Phoenix New Times, July 24, 2015.  “9 Best Things We’ve Seen in Metro Phoenix in 2015--So Far” by Lynn Trimble 

    Arizona Surface Design Association Newsletter, Feb. 2015.

    Fiberarts Design Book Seven.  Spring 2004.  

    Surface Design Association On-line Gallery, Winter 2004.

    Surface Design Journal, Winter 2002.  “Review of Fiber Directions 2001” by M. Fricke.

    American Tapestry Alliance:  Tapestry Topics, Fall 2002.   “A Weaver’s Journey to Color and Light: Conversation with

        Diane Gilbert” by Mary Dieterich



     1988-2009   Weaving instructor, Yavapai College Art Department, Prescott, AZ

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